Forestry Mapping

Our GPS data capture and conversion service provides foresters with accurate and up to date information on the status of their forests. Information such as tree numbers, timber species and ages, Diameter Breast Height, fire breaks, genetically superior trees, roads and trails, fire damage, recreational areas and sensitive habitats can all be efficiently mapped for your GIS.

Business Mapping

A GIS is a powerful tool for visualising and analysing business information. Customer information can be correlated with demographic and socio-economic data to reveal trends and patterns, providing useful information for accurate decision making. Applications include identifying trends in sales and marketing and locating holes in market coverage.

Mapping for Science

Mosaic Mapping has a special interest in earth resource mapping and views GIS as an important tool for scientific research aimed at increasing our understanding of Earth and its life forms. Our GPS mapping expertise can be used to accurately map geological, zoological and botanical samples and produce GIS maps. When viewing and analysing the data on a GIS patterns emerge and scientists can effectively correlate and interpret the information. Some scientific applications of mapping include soil sampling, wetland and hydrological studies, erosion control, ecology, animal habitat studies and vegetation inventory and research.

Archaeology Mapping

Detailed GIS maps of historical and archaeological sites provide researchers with a valuable tool to visualise and analyse their data. Sites can be accurately surveyed using GPS and this data can be integrated with data captured from old records, such as maps and photographs, on a GIS to paint a picture of the past and present.

Topographical Mapping

Mosaic Mapping produces special-purpose detailed topographical maps. Applications of these maps include: site plans providing background information for engineering works and architectural design, tourism and recreation, landscaping, mining, farming, resource planning, environmental impact reporting, and natural resource studies.